Bit About Me

I’m really excited about posting and managing my personal blog.  This will be the first time on an Global based blogging site.  Let’s see how this goes.

I hope to provide my fellow bloggers with interesting and helpful information.  The information which I’ll be posting here will mostly be directly written by yours truely, but there will few posts where I’ll scrap from elsewhere.  The scrapped articles will be article which I think are interesting and helpful to others in conformance to my experiences and thoughts.

Bit about me.

I’ve been in the IT Industry for about 15 years.  My career started out as being an product specialist for a large home audio company right after college.  Then things started to take on a whirl wind of effects when I had to move back to Seoul, Korea. 

Korea was at the time on the verge of reforming from its major financial crisis.  People were getting back on their feet and so was the technology industry.  Brick and morter manufacturing had migrated to China because of cheaper labor costs and the general workforce had to look for other ways to stay alive.  This was the cause of the IT Era for South Korea.  And I was a part of it.

Today, I have accumulated substantial amount of experience and knowledge in this industry which lands me to what I’m doing.  What am I doing?  I’m a consultant and at the sametime the founder of a Multimedia Content (Photo/Video) Content Storage, Sharing and Platform to distribute users media collateral to a Digital Photo Frame device.

My next post will provide details of what I’m doing…  Stayed Tuned~


Obama~ here I come…


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