The Beginning

2AM sipping on a warm flat Coke Zero…

Contrary to what others may think… this thing taste like shit, but I drink it religiously because I’m addicted to this crap made for us by the corporate giants who really don’t give a damn about what we put into our bodies.


The beginning to what? 

After nearing 40 years of my life, searching, lost and confused about the truth… I’ve decided to write about what I perceive of the truth.

Yeah… I said “I cried two tears in a bucket so fuck it”  I really would care to have other read what I have written but I guess this is more for me.

To fulfill what I have always put off doing.

No and this is not just another on of those my stupid life stories… Well at least I’ll try not to~ haha

Okay… 5 or so freakin lines of writing and I’m tired… so off to bed..

What a freakin lazy ass!!!~


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  1. Annie J. Kang says:


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