About “Seoulity”

The word “Seoulity” is a combination of “Seoul” my birthplace and “Reality” the quest to understanding the truth.  Since we all know it is very difficult in understanding 100% of the truth, I will jot down my past history, facts, happenings, current events and few things about myself.  So don’t expect routine postings on who I am, but rather expect to see things as I see the world. 

Hi!  I’m a late 30’s male Korean-American torn between being neither Korean or American. 

With the start of a new year (year 2009), one of my resolutions was to find out who I am.  I don’t think I’m writing with blog for others to read but rather to discover few things about myself.  But perhaps there’s a small bit of hope that others (you) will be reading this to help and encourage me on the quest to find myself.  Regardless, I will continue to write this as if someone will read it and as an mixutre between story telling and editorials.  (isn’t that what a blog is supposed to do?)

Expect to see: 

  1. Cool Places to Visit
  2. Great Resturants
  3. Cool Hangouts
  4. Night Life and Clubs (I really love this part)
  5. Photos (Places, People, Food and More)
  6. Editorials on Interesting Stuff
  7. Evolving Technology

and much much more…

As I’ve mentioned, the main point of writing this is not to win any popularity contest but rather to findout bit of myself by keeping a log (a weblog) about the events in my life.   And when I look back 10 ~ 20 years from now, I can reflect on the things that I’ve done.

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