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Bit About Me

I’m really excited about posting and managing my personal blog.  This will be the first time on an Global based blogging site.  Let’s see how this goes.

I hope to provide my fellow bloggers with interesting and helpful information.  The information which I’ll be posting here will mostly be directly written by yours truely, but there will few posts where I’ll scrap from elsewhere.  The scrapped articles will be article which I think are interesting and helpful to others in conformance to my experiences and thoughts.

Bit about me.

I’ve been in the IT Industry for about 15 years.  My career started out as being an product specialist for a large home audio company right after college.  Then things started to take on a whirl wind of effects when I had to move back to Seoul, Korea. 

Korea was at the time on the verge of reforming from its major financial crisis.  People were getting back on their feet and so was the technology industry.  Brick and morter manufacturing had migrated to China because of cheaper labor costs and the general workforce had to look for other ways to stay alive.  This was the cause of the IT Era for South Korea.  And I was a part of it.

Today, I have accumulated substantial amount of experience and knowledge in this industry which lands me to what I’m doing.  What am I doing?  I’m a consultant and at the sametime the founder of a Multimedia Content (Photo/Video) Content Storage, Sharing and Platform to distribute users media collateral to a Digital Photo Frame device.

My next post will provide details of what I’m doing…  Stayed Tuned~


Obama~ here I come…

“42” (Photo) Story’s – Opening Story

The year 2009 is just few days away and I want to wish everyone an Happy and Prosperous New Year.

With the dawn of a new year, I’ve decided to start a blog pertaining to my very dear interest of taking and appreciating the art of photography. 

Photography is a visual art which depicts the exact moment in time when one decides to click the “shutter”.  Until not recently, photography was just either considered either as a snapshot or a fine art.  What I mean to say is that, with the advent of the digital era and advancement in technology we (amateur photographers) have emerged to become astute photographers. 

Taking numerous amounts of photographs where worrying about mistakes and cost of film development is of the past, we are click happy.  We carry digital enabled cameras embedded on our devices such as mobile phones and mp3 players.  And most likely somewhere in our cars, bags, totes we have digital cameras and DSLRs to click away to our hearts desire.

And also with the availability of online venues such as Flickr, Facebook, Webshots, Picasa, and yours truly ““, it has become easier and dynamic to share with others from all over the world.  You can also follow my official blog @

We not only store, edit, share and send our photos, but we also write relevant articles, geo-tag, comments and stream the most fitting BGM (Background Music) along with our photos.

We’ve come a long way and I think we will be headed  into far more dynamic ways to show off our photos within the short future.

I just can’t wait…

This is a photo taken at Gyeongju Cultural Expo in Korea.  I just thought with the first post, I had to attach a photo that was just as interesting.




Please visit often, I’ll try my best to post interesting photos and stories on a daily basis.


42Story Writer & Photographer

The Beginning

2AM sipping on a warm flat Coke Zero…

Contrary to what others may think… this thing taste like shit, but I drink it religiously because I’m addicted to this crap made for us by the corporate giants who really don’t give a damn about what we put into our bodies.


The beginning to what? 

After nearing 40 years of my life, searching, lost and confused about the truth… I’ve decided to write about what I perceive of the truth.

Yeah… I said “I cried two tears in a bucket so fuck it”  I really would care to have other read what I have written but I guess this is more for me.

To fulfill what I have always put off doing.

No and this is not just another on of those my stupid life stories… Well at least I’ll try not to~ haha

Okay… 5 or so freakin lines of writing and I’m tired… so off to bed..

What a freakin lazy ass!!!~

What is “Seoulity”?

Although there is a About section, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce “Seoulity” on the posting section.

The word “Seoulity” is a combination of “Seoul” my birthplace and “Reality” the quest to understanding the truth.  Since we all know it is very difficult in understanding 100% of the truth, I will jot down my past history, facts, happenings, current events and few things about myself.  So don’t expect routine postings on who I am, but rather expect to see things as I see the world. 

Hi!  I’m a late 30’s male Korean-American torn between being neither Korean or American. 

With the start of a new year (year 2009), one of my resolutions was to find out who I am.  I don’t think I’m writing with blog for others to read but rather to discover few things about myself.  But perhaps there’s a small bit of hope that others (you) will be reading this to help and encourage me on the quest to find myself.  Regardless, I will continue to write this as if someone will read it and as an mixutre between story telling and editorials.  (isn’t that what a blog is supposed to do?)

Expect to see on Seoulity Blog: 

  1. Cool Places to Visit
  2. Great Resturants
  3. Cool Hangouts
  4. Night Life and Clubs (I really love this part)
  5. Photos (Places, People, Food and More)
  6. Editorials on Interesting Stuff
  7. Evolving Technology

and much much more…

As I’ve mentioned, the main point of writing this is not to win any popularity contest but rather to findout bit of myself by keeping a log (a weblog) about the events in my life.   And when I look back 10 ~ 20 years from now, I can reflect on the things that I’ve done.

Let’s see how this goes…

Greetings and Welcome to Seoulity

Hello everyone~

It’s been awhile now since I’ve purchased my Nikon D200.  (I know… the camera has already become out dated)  I still have not upgraded or purchased additional lens for it which I should be punished for, but I just don’t have the money to get the lil toys that I want.

Anyhow… I thought it would be a great idea to keep track of all the photos I’ve taken out here in Seoul and other parts of South Korea.  As you’ve probably read in my about page, I’m a 1.75 generation Korean-American living out here in Korea after a long 20 some odd years in the States.  (hence the Fluency in English ^^)

I’ll do the best I can to post photos of people, places, good eats and other information which I think maybe helpful for any travellers or expats living in Korea. 

Hope that everyone will enjoy and visit my blog often. 

Please leave any comments or requests you like to see or hear.  I’ll do my best to adhere to any requests.