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Last day packing

It’s been a great trip… Just sad to go


I first didn’t like this song as much, but the videos and hours of repetitive listening… I fell in love!  This song takes me off on my feet and wanna start jumping around. 

Tonight, Today and Everyday is gonna be a good day!~~

Hope you all enjoy!


Take a look at the crazy girl in the front.  I was telling myself… “that would have been me… “  but turns out that she’s not the crazy one….



Bunch of students from University of Quebec made this… I really wish I was a part of this… I’m sooooo envious.


The Original – Black Eyed Peas

Sorry guys… looks like YouTube has blocked all embeds for the original video. 



There’s this Korean/American kid who I think is really talented… David Choi!  How come no one has given this kid any record label yet?  Hey David… if you need a manager, please let me know… Oh yeah, only if that package comes with Kina Grannis.



Some spoof of the song… it’s pretty damn funny!


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I don’t write about politics nor do I really have any interest…  This posting is as simply as how I percieve things about the world around me… 

So here it goes!~

Have you ever wondered how the government works?  I mean let’s take the simplest thing… The “President!”~  In a democratic society, we elect our president.  Someone who presides over the people of the country.  Well actually not just himself… but a bunch of other people (idiots) who are so called chosen by the people to run our lives?  Oh yes… there are laws but the president, these people, judges, law enforcement… sort of in that particular order, supercedes the general population. 

Okay… I am really going to stay really hard not to be biased or pass judgement on politics.

So… going back to the president and the people of the government. 

Is it just me or are things with the government becoming like a huge corporation?  Okay… for those who already knew this… don’t sit there and call me dumb… I just had to write something on this blog to make it more interesting… ^^

Well, I realized that a government with a president is like “the” corporation of a country. 

Okay… here’s what I mean… You have a president, who is much like the CEO.  And you have rest of the old farts, who are really like either the board members or directors of a company.  And we the people are the suckers who buy into the corporate disillusions… we are forced into doing things like paying taxes for things that I don’t need, abiding by laws that I didn’t help create, or consent to the rich getting richer by lobbyist licking someones balls…  And what we know as the real corporations are like divisions or departments of the corporation (government)…  I hope you guys are following where I’m going with this…

Then who are the patrons or the customers?  Well… It really took me awhile but it’s not the citizens of the country… it’s actually another country itself.  We know this as B2B… but that’s all there is… there is no B2C or P2P… It’s the government who deals with other governments.  They collect tax and enforce laws so that they can benefit from the wealth being traded back and forth.  Most we know about but the real money makers… we really don’t…

I’m saddened by the facts and the unreal truth that lie beneath the surface of all truth…

I would write more on this but I really don’t wanna discust anyone with all this political bullshit… so I will stop here…  But as I see fit to untangle the truth… I may venture in details on future posts to come…

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