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I first didn’t like this song as much, but the videos and hours of repetitive listening… I fell in love!  This song takes me off on my feet and wanna start jumping around. 

Tonight, Today and Everyday is gonna be a good day!~~

Hope you all enjoy!


Take a look at the crazy girl in the front.  I was telling myself… “that would have been me… “  but turns out that she’s not the crazy one….



Bunch of students from University of Quebec made this… I really wish I was a part of this… I’m sooooo envious.


The Original – Black Eyed Peas

Sorry guys… looks like YouTube has blocked all embeds for the original video. 



There’s this Korean/American kid who I think is really talented… David Choi!  How come no one has given this kid any record label yet?  Hey David… if you need a manager, please let me know… Oh yeah, only if that package comes with Kina Grannis.



Some spoof of the song… it’s pretty damn funny!


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